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Birthday message to daughter

Birthday message to daughter | Happy birthday Umaiza | Umaiza

Birthday message to daughter

“Your birthday is one of the most joyous days of my life!” – You’re beautiful, and you always will be. You are my Umaiza, you are my daughter, and you’re my everything. Birthday message to daughter is an ultimate message from my heart to my daughter. Happy birthday, Umaiza. I love you forever and always.

To my beautiful adorable daughter, Umaiza Muhammad.

Every year, on your birthday, I honor the greatest gift that I could have ever been yielded. The day you evolved into this world will perpetually be my favorite day of each year of my life. 

You have induced such happiness into my life. The smiles, giggles, and memories have been some of the best moments of my life!. I yet remember the day when you came into this world and how I welcomed you as an angel. After Utaybah, you are my star, and both of you are my heartbeat. Never forget that. 

I never imagined in my life ever that I could not be able to speak to you again. Breathing on the same planet, but the world around us so heartless. And in this cruel world, a loving father has not been granted the freedom to even chat with her daughters. The fools & goons who have separated us would always remain foredoomed and unblessed, in this world and the after. They can never understand the truth that a father and daughter relationship; Allah has designed no one earth can undo it. 

Birthday message to daughter

While you are growing older, it is both awe-inspiring and remarkably scary, watching you evolve in an environment where you cannot even speak to your father. I am sure you must be having marvelous ideas, a sense of humor that lightens up every place on earth you step into, and the kindest heart of yours can earn you all the respect you deserve. I am pretty sure as well about your intelligence and brilliance. Because it is in your blood, it is in your genes. 

I recognize as you continue to grow up, and in these circumstances given by nature, we won’t always see eye to eye. And that’s okay. I have left everything to Allah, and I believe in his blessings. If it is meant to be, we will meet one day, and we’ll talk and talk and talk until you tell me all the stories you wanted to tell your father since the beginning. I know that you are my angel, and you would grow your wings and find your way in this world. Birthday message to daughter is an ultimate message from my heart to my daughter. Happy birthday, Umaiza. I love you forever and always.

Never forget that no matter what, I will be there for you.

Happy Birthday Umaiza

I may not always agree with your choices, and you may think I am annoying, I am pretty confident you already do, but we have a bond that nothing will ever break.

These past seven years as your Dad have been the most difficult, the most painful, and quite honestly, the hardest years I have ever experienced. (Where I could never imagine a day of my living without you)

I was never always right, nor will I still be. Everyone has flaws, and so can lead to making mistakes. I am not perfect, but please learn, I am always aspiring to become a better human.

Even away from you, I am still striving to be the best father I can be because you, my little princess, are the best daughter I could ever pray for.

Since I am writing you this letter, I am wiping the tears from my eyes and reminiscing on when you were a toddler. You could barely remember me. You could not say clearly “Papa,” but Utaybah would always be guiding you to say Papa because I always wanted to hear that word as your first word ever. 

It appears like just yesterday that your mother and I, along with Utaybah, brought you to our home. We were so happy, all of us. The happiness you had given to us all is remarkable. No one on this planet can ever be more important to me, and no one ever can seem more beautiful than you. Birthday message to daughter is an ultimate message from my heart to my daughter. Happy birthday, Umaiza. I love you forever and always.

You, my beloved daughter, will make mistakes too. I want you to understand that it’s okay to fall. It’s okay to make the wrong decision or not do the right thing. The essential thing is that you get up, you try again, and that you continue trying to be the most refined variant of yourself that you can be.

There will be many obstacles in your life. Like one, we share, you and me, that we are living apart from each other. People will unavoidably let you down, even those people who are closest to you. But you are my daughter, be strong, and always fight with a brave heart. 

Happy Birthday Umaiza

But please do not leave compassion. Don’t let someone else harden your heart. We have got these lives like this, and so Allah has already created us robust and influential. This is another example of how dearest we are to Allah.  

In this world, there will be people who would never understand you. There will always be people in this world who won’t accept you. Stay genuine to who you are, and I guarantee you, that will always be immeasurable enough.

I could not be more pleased with you and the person you are growing if I sought.

You have the most sensitive soul, and I am honestly so privileged to be your Dad. So now, for your birthday, I celebrate you. I will devote my life, my happiness, and, more importantly, my soul for you. 

Soon that day will come that we will spend time together, and I will presumably kiss you too many times, and you will turn your eyes at me. Like I used to do when you were a toddler, as you to me, will always be my baby girl, my most beloved daughter. 

I adore you more than I ever thought imaginable, and I am so exhilarated that you are mine as you always will be. 

Love always, missing you.

Your Dad

© Rana M April 16, 2020 All rights reserved

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