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The cutest hands ever gripped my fingers firmly
Sharp eyes gazed at me for hours, replicating memories
Breeze covered in her giggles, my dear darling daughter
Her charming voice mesmerizes my world of frenzies
Walking through passages of my shattered dreams
She draws sketches of affection to perpetual emotions
Speaks to me in a unique language telling tales unknown
Beautifying my spirits, recreating patterns to my notions
Sparkling star of my skies, the most valuable treasure
Umaiza you are in my heart as a reflection of all devotions


© 2019  Rana M  All rights reserved


Umaiza is not shy, fearless, and always commanding. She is moody but very creative and charming. She is more beautiful than tulips and daisies.

I am certain Umaiza was ascribed more with her mother and didn’t love me the way Utaybah used to love me. But as a matter of fact, I must confess that I loved her more than Utaybah sometimes. But Utaybah still always loved me. She used to feel it a lot now; the father’s love is divided as he loves Umaiza more than me. Sometimes, but little did she know that both were equal to me, and I loved them both from the core of my heart. Their smiles, their existence in my life was everything I ever wanted or wished for. When I was with them, I never thought of the world for a moment. And I was known to just one universe, and that was of my daughters and me.

Umaiza is a diverse and unparalleled creature Allah has gifted me. She’s not shy, fearless, and always commanding. She is moody but very creative and charming. My heartbeat is more beautiful than tulips and daisies and more fragrant than roses. I always used to teach her how to say “ Papa,” she started repeating after me. Utaybah seemed to help me for the same cause and make Umaiza happen every now and then just to make sure she pronounced it well enough to please me.
Unfortunately, Umaiza was way too young to remember me or my face when she was taken away from me. She barely would recognize me now, yet I am sure Utaybah still had memories of me, and I am living in her heart even if the devils have tried their best to eliminate a father from his daughter’s lives.