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Oh sweet December, remember what heaven brought us
An angel emerged and delivered to us, on my doorsteps
Her presence indeed, applaud, cherished, and celebrated
The essence from heaven walked in fairy’s footsteps
Still remember the moment, the first time I met her
On 19th December, Utaybah came to me quietly
Wrapped in a snowy bright, shiny delicate blanket
Eyes closed, she revolutionized my life completely
I flew above clouds, over meadows & mountains
Plunged into another world of excitement, suddenly
Fresh as the morning glory, pure as the life itself
I heard gossips of angels, discussing her beauty
Having her scent more precious than lilies & roses
I stared at her, shy but with utmost exuberance
As soon as I kissed her forehead, she held my hand
And whispered, Oh dear father, I feel your presence
A pretty vigilant but fairly mild smile on her cute face
Mesmerized my soul, in purely and heavenly way
I mumbled, welcome! Utaybah, my sweet daughter
Beautify my world, enlighten my soul and “Stay”

 © 2019  Rana M  All rights reserved

Elegant and unique flower, a tulip perhaps, a rare and precious gift of Allah. A breeze from heaven or a lovely angel may narrate who Utaybah is. She’s my bloodline, my first daughter, the most adorable, and the most charming child. Utaybah revolutionized the way of my life as soon as she entered my life. She turned the whole panorama of gain or loss, happiness or sadness, success, and defeat. She took me to another world on this galaxy about which I never heard before; I could think beyond the edge of my existence after Utaybah came in. I didn’t have an idea of how valuable treasure a daughter really is before her. I love my you utaybah, my daughter


The early days of Utaybah in my house were amazingly overwhelming as it was the first time I had the chance to experience the beautiful blessing of nature as a daughter in my home. I would gather things to celebrate every day, bring ideas for her she didn’t even need, bought toys for her also though she was too little to play with those. But the curiosity of what she would like to have, eat, and play with, was at the peak. Probably I was dreaming of her grow instantly to talk to me and say ” Papa” as soon as she could. I observed her and followed her to improve each and every second. The first time she ate, the first time she crawled, she first walked her first step on the ground. Each and every moment was so inestimable for me.

Utaybah is an exceptional, calm, creative, and very composed girl. She is a compassionate and pretty much sensitive type. She prefers to learn and explore. One of the most beautiful things about Utaybah is that she is a gifted and thoughtful kind of person. And she is my daughter.

She’s not shy, but she would not hesitate to get involved in anything she likes e.g., such as reading, writing, and speaking.
She only lived with me the first three and half years of her life, but because I loved her so much as being her father, I can understand her much better than anyone else on this planet. She loved me a lot, by the way, used to say ” Papa” to me. The word was the world to me when I used to listen to it from her. She began speaking late, and all I observed, imagined, or found was just too little as she was only three and half years old when we went apart from each other, and I never saw her again, never heard her voice again.


Never could I see a tear in her eyes, yet living without her fretting and wondering how she would be right now? How is she? is she OK? Is there anything that bothers my little girl? Does she feel cold? Does she have a blanket? Does she have enough toys to play with? Does she have what I wanted her to have? Is she happy? how she smiles now? Does she go to school? Is she good at mathematics? Is she kind to others? Is she good at heart?. Well, I ask Allah every day, and maybe someday, I will have all the answers because I have left everything to Allah. Utaybah is an exceptional, calm, creative, and very composed girl. She is a compassionate and pretty much sensitive type. I love you, my daughter.